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We want you to feel safe and informed. 
We are here to answer any and all your questions.


How much weight will I lose?

Women on average lose 2-3 pounds per week. 

Men on average lose 4-7 pounds per week.

But every body is individual, and environmental factors such as stress or menstruation can influence your weekly weight loss. 


What can I eat? Can I drink alcohol?

You will eat a variety of specified vegetables as well as our high biological protein products, lean protein. The consumption of alcohol is not allowed on the program. In fact, it is dangerous.


What makes Ideal Protein different to other diets?

Ideal Protein is not your typical fad diet. It was developed by a medical doctor for high performance athletes. On a traditional diet your body will lose muscle as well as fat. The scientific formula of Ideal Protein allows your body to retain your lean muscle while shedding excess body fat. This is achieved by the quality of our protein, which is absorbed into your body at a 95% rate compared to traditional protein sources which is absorbed at a 70% rate. In addition, Ideal protein products control your bodies carbohydrate consumption, which stops your insulin spikes, allowing your pancreas to rest, and turning your body into a fat burning machine. 



Can I exercise on Ideal Protein?

Yes. We encourage conversation exercise. Any activity that you can do while still holding a conversation. Keep in mind your body is going through a big change, so we do not recommend you  decide to start training for your first marathon while beginning Ideal Protein! Keep your exercise moderate, and realistic to your pre Ideal Protein exercise level.


How does Ideal Protein work?

You will have a private initial consultation with your certified weight loss coach. They will explain the do’s and don’ts of the program. You will have your first body composition scan, weight in, and body measurements. The first visit can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Following you first visit you will check in weekly with the same certified weight loss coach for a 15-20min private appointment. Each week your coach will track your progress with you and guide you through any questions, concerns, or difficulties that may arise.

Phase 1 is the main Weight Loss phase. The length is dependent on the amount of weight needed to reach your target healthy weight.

Phase 2 is Stabilization and takes one week.  We adjust your macronutrients to manage hunger and satisfaction - the keys to maintaining weight loss.

Phase 3 is Maintenance is your Lifestyle which includes a guided year of monthly maintenance check ups.  Stay connected with your coach - know when it is time for a tune up.


How long is the program?

Ideal Protein is carefully designed into four phases. But we emphasize a complete lifestyle change. The protocol is designed to teach you how to pair your foods, read product labels, and manage indulgences so you can maintain your health and weight loss for life. 


I have a health condition, is Ideal Protein right for me?

Ideal Protein is a safe, medically developed and approved, evidence based weight loss system. Every Body is unique and in order to properly understand your circumstances we encourage you to complete our health profile and one of our weight loss coaches will review it. Rest assured we have partnered with doctors on island and have a retired nurse on staff in order to make sure all our clients are safe and monitored.

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